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Welcome to Happy Healthy Herbivore! My name is Stacey. That's me in the photo above at age two in 1984 at a nearby petting zoo. I am still a lover of animals as well as a wife, mother, artist, designer, musician, teacher, gardener, writer and a vegan whole food plant based home chef. 

I created Happy Healthy Herbivore to share with others free information that my cardiologist shared with me that led me to going 100% whole food plant based vegan. This change empowered me to live a happier and healthier life. If you are interested in this type of lifestyle                 .
I hope all that visit Happy Healthy Herbivore will find a bit of happy and healthy to take along on this journey we all share together called life.

I believe everyone on this earth deserves to be happy and healthy. I believe that truth and knowledge help spread light in this world. I believe in a positive future for our planet and all living things that inhabit it.  I believe having a daily attitude of gratitude and grit  serves us all and leads to both happier and healthier lives.

Life is such a gift and each breath a blessing and we all harbor the power to make this world a happier, healthier more sustainable place.

I took my passion for happy and healthy lifestyle choices, art and design and I created a 100% sustainable clothing line that promotes positive vibes and sustainability for all. In my own life I crave comfort, simplicity and positive vibes and I wanted to share that with others in my custom made products.

Sustainability, comfort, simplicity and positive vibes are at the core behind every custom made product at Happy Healthy Herbivore.

In a study from 2020 it was found that fashion was the second most polluting industry after oil. In the United States due to methods of mass production and fast fashion practices almost 14 million tons of clothing end up in land fields each year.
Love yourself and take care of yourself and our planet because you and future generations deserve to be happy and healthy.  With Love, Stacey 

Would you plant a seed and never water it?

Would you drive your car with flat tires and expect a good outcome?

Would you invest in a  path that ultimately leads to death verses longevity for you, others,  or our planet earth?

I am almost positive you answered no to the questions above. Why do we often take better care of our car parts than our own bodies, health, and relationships. We only have one life, one human race and one earth. Let's live our best lives while being kind to ourselves and others, lets take on attitudes of gratitude and grit,  let's seek adventure and play more after a hard days work, and while doing this promote sustainability for all life on  earth.

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