My cardiologist suggested I follow a whole food plant based diet and I am so glad I took the advise. It forever changed my health and improved my quality of life. It also gave me the ability to shed the excess weight I had while never feeling hungry and always feeling full and satisfied.

There s a whole community  that I found and learned from when I switched to this lifestyle.  I created this page to share with you the information that helped me as a free guide to help  you  navigate the whole food plant based world with more ease.  I am not advising others what to do with their  health or wellness. I am only sharing what helped me to achieve my happy and healthy.  I believe in this lifestyle because it is the most science and evidenced  based diet plan on earth. I hope you do choose to  love and respect your body, our bodies work hard for us and deserve good fuel. 

In starting my whole food plant based journey I first watched the film "Forks over Knives" which can be found online for anyone to view at no cost. My cardiologist suggested that I read the book "The Starch Solution" by Dr. John Mcdougall. He also told me abouat a youtube host and author Chef AJ. Chef AJ to me is like the Oprah of the Plant Based World, her channel is youtube channel is phenomenal. In addition to these resources I watched youtube host such as  Plantiful Kiki and High Carb Hannah for meal prep, as well as others that follow whole food plant based SOS diets. SOS stands for no sugar, oil or salt. This community helped me to get healthier lose lots of weight and meal prep and learn new recipes.
CHEF AJ's you tube channel is my daily go to she has great guest speakers, doctors and health field experts on her show all the time.  I also  found  healing from Dr. Brooke Goldner's books and I still make green smoothie recipes from  her and her husband's website on a regular basis. Have fun with this lifestyle and with new foods and recipes. Keep healthy and happy. Love, Stacey