• Stacey Higdon

An Hour In the Garden A Day Puts Life's Problems in Perspective. How a simple garden stone helped me

In the summer of 2012 we purchased a home in western, Ky. The home was older than our previous home but had colonial charm and lovely flower gardens, I knew it needed some updating and work but as a artist and creative soul who doesn't mind getting my hands dirty it seemed like the perfect home and place to raise our son. One week after we moved in our air conditioning unit and HVAC system failed. It was the hottest week on record in western Kentucky with temps rising above 108 degrees. We were moving in and it was like a desert inside and out except worse because Kentucky's humidity on hot summer days makes the air feel thick. At the time our two year old son had asthma and it was not well controlled. I can remember that afternoon I was unpacking his clothes and he said mommy I am hot, I had a fan going in his room but it was basically just blowing hot air as the inside temps in the house had crept up to 94 degrees. I noticed he was having a asthma attack and quickly got his breathing machine to do a treatment and cooled his little body with cool rags. After he was feeling better we went outside and I filled up a kiddie pool we had brought along from our old house. I remember sitting beside him watching him play. He loved to see how fast he could splash the water out so it wasn't long before he pointed to the hose for more water in his pool, I was so hot getting the hose out again seemed like a larger task than it actually was, I think was suffering from some form of heat exhaustion too, because my legs felt like concrete as i walked down the deck steps to get out the garden hose. As I turned on the water I thought if I knew what box my swim suit was in I would hop in the tiny kiddie pool too. Walking back to the path that led to the deck steps with the garden hose in hand I stumbled on something underfoot. I looked down and saw a garden stone that read "AN HOUR IN THE GARDEN A DAY PUTS LIFE"S PROBLEMS IN PERSPECTIVE". I was overcome with joy and a sense of freedom in that moment. All of the sudden the heat, the broken HVAC, the stress of unpacking all faded and all I could think of was having a water party with my two year old son while enjoying the view of the flowers. I gave my son the hose knowing from past experience anytime he had a hose in hand someone was going to get sprayed and let him have a bawl soaking me with the cold water. I can still remember his sweat giggles as he sprayed me down. Who needs AC anyway when you have a kiddie pool and cold hose water. I love the memory of that day. To this very day I am reminded that as long as we have shoes on our feet, a roof over our heads and food to nourish our bodies that we are blessed. So many people in the world do not have access to clean water, sanitation, heath care, housing, food, clothing or shelter. I remind myself to have gratitude no matter what I am faced with and to be present in the moment. I also try to help others as often as possible. Enjoy life and all of the beautiful blessings. Have a happy day. Love, Stacey

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