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Overcoming trauma, illness or physical injury does not happen overnight but healing is possible.

Updated: Sep 16

Make it a priority to heal and give your nervous system a break, it's vital for your life and for living a healthier and happier life. Believe in the miraculous power of healing.

The body is made to heal and repair itself. It's ability to heal is beyond impressive and quite miraculous. For example, If I get a small cut on my hand slicing an apple, I will heal within a matter of days but I will never forget the knife I used or to be more careful the next time to avoid injury. Healing on the cellular level from a small cut only takes days for cellular remodeling to restore up to ninety percent of the injury to close the skin. If only all healing were that easy. Sometimes healing from emotional scars, traumas, or abnormally intense stressors can leave more prolonged injury and healing often seems out of reach.

The body and the mind both hold onto pain and most often never forget pain from emotional or physical injury or high stress events or situations. These forms of injury heal in different ways and often physical scars fade but emotional scars if left alone begin to fester in the mind. These invisible woulds can wreck havoc on an individuals nervous system as well as create imbalance in the body. The good news is that healing is possible but it often takes time. The process is not always easy and may take work but it's worth the effort to get better or heal completely.

All humans need help from infancy to old age along this journey in life. We were not placed here on earth to suffer alone in silence. Human's are meant to build ourselves back up as well as each other up. Living my life for example to the fullest life I can live has been to not just process with myself but to also process with God through prayer and meditation as well as to process life with other people around me. Life can be alot at times especially in today's world. There will always be stressors but life is always worth living and every single breath is a blessing and a gift.

Scan your body and your mind and if you feel stress or tension or any discomfort in your body then your nervous system is signaling that it probably needs a break. Calming the nervous system with self soothing behaviors and thought processes only takes a few minutes. Here is a simple exercise that is healthy for the nervous system, Close your eyes, breathe slow and steady deep inhales and slowly release the exhales., At this time only focus on your breath. Remember nature does not hurry and yet everything is accomplished. There is no need for the mind to feel hurried. This is your time to slow down. Use visual and auditory aide if needed to support a calm sensory experience. I often play relaxing nature sounds or healing music when I need a mental rest or to slow down and relax. This type of sensory therapy sets a tone for the nervous system to slow down and find a sense of calm.

When the mind has slowed and you feel a sense of calm, take a moment to speak to to your inner self and forgive anytime you have not been kind to your body, mind or taken care of your physical health. Thank your body for working so hard for you. Now visualize forgiving others or others forgiving you. Forgiveness brings about healing because there is no longer wasted energy on anger, sadness, or negative thought patterns. Forgiveness and acceptance can take work and practice. I continue to practice forgiveness and acceptance on the daily because it brings me peace and clarity.

The reward for this type of mental work has been proven over time to decrease anxiety, decrease anger, decrease depression and to promote healing. This type of healing can lead to a reduction of pain, tension. and illness.

I find each day to lessen my stress load I need to let go for a moment of any obligations that may be creating weight. When the mind is able to slow down and focus on one task at a time productivity increases because healing space is created, intuition is heightened, and our ability to process is better. If for example our cell phone or computer database is overfilled a slowing of the processor is evident. The same occurs with our mind and our body when life's stressors stack up.

What we feed our body helps to keep our nervous system in balance. Primary food is that steady ebb and flow of life. It's the daily combined imput that fills our human processor (mind, body, sensory and spiritual). This is what makes us feel alive, make our lives feel meaningful, and gives us a sense of wonder. When these aspects of life are in balance, what you eat in the form of real food and hydration becomes secondary. Secondary food is what we feed our body in terms of nourishment and the lifestyle choices we make into what we allow to be put into our body for fuel. I have found for me personally a whole food plant based diet to be highly effective in stress reduction, optimizing my energy levels, and improving mood and promoting better sleep. Each individual has to find what works for them when finding a steady balance to one's own wellness and between one's primary and our secondary food.

If the nervous system is bogged down or overworked it becomes harder to balance our primary and secondary food. Signals at times go haywire in sorting our daily life's wants and needs. It is easier when in a hurry or feeling stressed to eat choice A- the morning donut or fast food option than it is to make a healthy meal or plan a healthy snack choice. The problem with choice A is that it's not full of the nutrients our body needs and also had ingredients that over time will harm the body, on top of that a mid morning crash is inevitable. Most american's at this point go for caffeine or more sugar to overcome the crash. This up and down cycle to create energy with unsustainable sources is not healthy for the body or nervous system Preparation allows time to balance primary and secondary food choices. Mindfulness and preparedness lead to healthier happier choices and promote self care to enable one to make positive choices.

When you have moment take some time to sort out an area you would like to work on in your life and start working towards a happier and healthier place. I suggest writing even if it is only one small area that would improve your life or health. Set some realistic goals and move towards those goals at a comfortable pace. Remember Rome was not built in a day, so remodeling the mind, body or spirit is a process that may take time. Set reminders that your nervous system deserves breaks too. Tap into your inner self and what you find joy in that is positive . Life is meant to be enjoyed so create calming, healing, or happy activities or moments in life whenever possible.

We have more power and ability to remodel our minds and bodies than we give ourselves credit for. The negative events a person has in life can be a breeding ground for negative thought patterns, anxiety, depression, fear, addictions and more. This can inhibit our growth, discovery and true self worth. These negative events can block out the light that guides us on our path in life and remove elements of our happy and our healthy. We all deserve to be happy and healthy.

As I got older it became clear to me that I was still falling into the victim mentality trap. In that moment I knew with work I had the power to overcome everything that ever had a negative impact on my life that still lingered or held space in my mind.

Let me share with you something I refer to as the THE THREE V's (#1 VIOLATED- The individual is violated in some way by a negative force or attack in life. #2 VICTIM- The individual feels victimized and in some instances develops a form of victim mentality. When victim mentality sets in a person sometimes unknowingly begins to take on the role of the victim. This takes place often in the mind in the form of negative thought patterns and can distort self esteem or reality. #4 VICTORY- The individual claims VICTORY over his or her life. When this happens it enables one to put the violation and role of falling into the cycle of any form of victim mentality behind him or her. There is a new healthier happier way to exist and a victorious position of victory replaces the victim mentality. The unhealthy thought patterns are replaced with healthy thought patterns. This is one concept of healing anyone can tap into. Positive thinking and acceptance or forgiveness heals and gives life back to the individual. See Chart Below

Empowering the mind to heal serves the nervous system as well as every cell and process in the human body. I learned over many years to truly promote healing in my own life was one part in the miraculous grace of God watching over me and another part my willingness to live my best life and not give up even when faced with hardship, trauma pain or illness. I am primarily a self taught healer, I read the books the experts read and dove into self discovery, the public library, prayer and other forms of self made therapy through my hobbies and creative exploration. I will forever be grateful to any person that helped to guide me towards a path of light when I felt like I was alone in the dark. I too needed other people to process with. There is JOY to be found in THE RAIN if we listen and even share sometimes. After every THUNDERSTORM the SUN is sure to always comes out again.

When I began to face my inner demons (metaphorically speaking) instead of hiding my pain in the closets of my mind it was hard work at first and at times felt overwhelming. It was worth the work because before long I suddenly did not feel the torment or anxiety I had felt in the past when certain thoughts would surface. I cleaned out my mental closets and asked God to do the rest for me and the closets were swept clean and were now bright empty spaces ready to fill with good and joy. It is not easy to face or revisit our darkest hours in life. I promise it is easier with time and one gains power to process the world we live in with clarity and truth in a very healthy way when our focus is on healing and seeking light. It's a battle worth fighting for and when won serves the whole body, mind and spirit and makes for a better life.

What you find that makes you happy may be very different than my happy and that is ok, we are all unique and have differences. What I think of as happy therapy for me is anything that calms my nervous system naturally. It may be anything from cooking for loved ones, gardening, painting, exploring the outdoors with my son and loved ones, listening to music, spending time with my husband, or a warm blanket laying next to my two big dogs for a fur baby cuddle-thon. At times my happy place is just a moment I take for my mind to slow down and think thoughts of gratitude in a moment of silence. Each person is different and what works for one person may differ from what works for another.

Pain or Trauma left untreated can really weigh a person down. Start letting go of the stones weighing you down today. I spent years of my life hiding in my own thoughts and in physical pain suffering alone in silence. It took me years of prayer and study as well as being open to learning from nature and other people. Oh yeah and lots of books lol- yes I am a huge nerd and bookworm- but all that work led me to completely letting go and finding my happy healthy place. I still have nightmares at times and flashbacks of the hardships of my life. I have not found a cure for bad dreams and night terrors, but I do manage to get in enough rest each night and for that I am grateful and thankful.

In my waking hours I feel young again and happy in my mind. I am at peace and navigate life with passion, perseverance and a positive attitude. This paves my way each day to make the best of every day. I am ready to handle anything no matter what crosses my path because I know God is watching over me and I have a beautiful life to live.

I have learned to balance my life more than ever but with grace and gratitude. To have this balance and let go of the emotional stones that were once weighing me down is a remarkable sense of freedom and joy. I missed out on some of my life because I did not know how to process at times in a positive light. There were many times I tried hiding my pain and negative emotions with a masked smile or even at times hid myself away, but that did not mean that at times I was still really suffering and hiding in silence or faking a smile never served me or others. I am happy that I no longer ever suffer silently inside my own head. If I have a moment of sadness or a rush of bad memories and I can not process and address it on my own a find resolve quickly, I now reach out to a loved one or friend and feel better quickly.

I knew what I wanted in the past but just felt I could not reach it. Now I feel I can climb any mountain literally and figuratively speaking. I can not take back the time I lost, nor can anyone change time or history. Life dose not wait for us and time machines don't exist. I can only strive to focus on the now, being present in today and giving my all to this life. I am just so happy to wake up to the morning sun shining through my windows or the rain pattering on the rooftop.

I am not a medical doctor and do not claim to treat or prescribe any medical or mental health advice. I just like to share my story and my thoughts as well as tips to what I have learned and what has helped me in my own life with anyone who would like to read it.

If I can help one person have hope, find light within, forgive or seek to heal in some way through my written word and personal journey it is worth the time to me to write it all down a thousand times.

Please contact a healthcare professional today if you are suffering from any medical or mental discomfort and in need of help. Educate yourself on what steps you need to take to get the help you or a loved one may need, do not feel ashamed to reach out to others or loved ones, and do not ever hesitate to get professional help, just please don't suffer alone.

Every human has been broken at some point in time . Be kind to thy self and kind to others. Have hope for good in thyself and this world. Go create your happy and your healthy and never give up. You alone are responsible for rebuilding and being the best version of thy self. The tools are out there so get ready to do the work. Enjoy the small stuff and look for beauty in nature and in your daily life. Keep positive and put up a shield against negativity. I hope this article helps another person out there. I am forever grateful to my parents, husband, son, siblings, friends and so many individuals who have been a part of my life or helped guide me in my journey. I am here today and can claim complete healing and victory over my life because of the love I have received from others. Thank you. Love to you back, Stacey

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