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The very best pizza dough on the planet. Plus it's healthy and 100% whole food plant based vegan.

Updated: Jul 19

After years trying many pizza crust recipes, I finally nailed it and had a crust everyone in my family loved. My husband and son love thin crust so I simply roll theirs out with the rolling pin into a thin crust and let them pick their toppings. I personally love deep dish as well as thin crust depending on the pie I am making. If I am piling on the toppings I like a thin to regular crust thickness, so the crust does not get soggy in the middle. If I am opting for just sauce and cheese or a simple pie with few toppings I often go for a thicker crust. I am a lover of carbs and pizza is one of my favorite foods. I have found with the right crust and toppings pizza is also a great food for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. I used to think of pizza as unhealthy but it's not the pie it was the excess oil, dairy and meat that cancelled the health food factor. I make all kinds of variation's of pizza with delicious toppings and plant based cheeses and everyone who has ever had it loves my new pizza as much or more than the old variations I made. I make pizza dough every week and it all gets eaten up fast. Everyone loves pizza night so much that I often make extra dough by doubling my recipe and freeze it in freezer bags to thaw and roll out at a later date in time. Well enough on my story of pizza for now, let's get to the recipe and the ingredients and tools so you can enjoy your own! Love and Pizza, Stacey

You will need the following kitchen tools:

-Mixer with dough hook attachment

-Rolling Pin (I love a marble or stone one because it cleans off easy)

-Measuring cups and spoons

-A clean surface to roll on or a large cutting board

-A Baking Sheet Pan or a Pizza Oven Stone (Glass Pans don't work well)

Pantry Shopping List

-Packet of Fast Acting Dry Yeast (I like to use Fleischmann's Brand .25 oz packets)

-1/2 cup of a baked skinless sweet potato or 1/3 cup unsweet applesauce (this replaces oil that is traditionally used in the crust)

-Morton's iodized salt

-whole grain all purpose flour (I like King Arthur Brand or Bob's Red Mill)

-1 tablespoon of cornmeal (I use Bob's as well for my cornmeal)

Step 1: Get your mixing bowl and fill it with 1 CUP warm water

Step 2: Add 1 packet of Fast Acting Dry Yeast to the warm water and whisk, let stand for a 60 seconds

Step 3: Add -1/2 cup of a baked skinless sweet potato or 1/3 cup unsweet applesauce (this replaces oil that is traditionally used

Step 4: Add 1/2 teaspoon of salt

Step 5: Add 3 and 1/4 cups of whole grain all purpose flour

Step 6: Add 1 tablespoon of cornmeal

Now your ready to mix, attach dough hook and mix on low speed for 60-120 seconds

Now that dough is mixed cover with a sheet of plastic wrap and let rest for a half hour

When dough has risen I take my hands and pull it out and cut it into mini pizza dough balls or sometimes just roll it all out into one huge pizza, make your dough thickness and size to your liking. I do sprinkle a bit of flour on my rolling area to prevent sticky dough, then I sprinkle flour on my dough ball, roll dough with rolling pin, flip dough, sprinkle more flour and roll to desired shape size and thickness.

I do use a very slight spray of PAM on my pans to keep pie from sticking.

I bake my pies at 425 degrees for 15-30 mins depending on crust thickness and toppings you will have to watch and time yours accordingly

Side Notes:

I use any marinara sauce I have in my pantry for base sauce.

I use vegan dairy free Violife 100% Vegan mozzarella shreds for my cheese, I like other brands as well but this is my personal favorite.

For topping's I often go wild and pile on my favorite veggies, but sometimes I like to keep it simple with just sauce, vegan cheese and a bit of fresh basil.

My advice and approach to life and pizza are pretty much the same do it your way everyday but make sure to make it as happy and healthy as possible. ENJOY

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